What I love about filmmaking is the ability to tell stories. Real, true and authentic stories that resonate with people. I thrive on capturing interesting people and love to convey their passion through the lens. A strong motion piece moves its audience. It’s all about exchanging energy. Something needs to shift or click. Something needs to spark curiosity.

My film work is best regarded as RAW storytelling. Nothing too polished, over directed or staged. I’m a big fan of fast paced camera work combined with a captivating narrative. A good storyboard is equally as important as allowing the production to unfold naturally. Unexpected and amazing things can happen on set so you need to remain open and flexible.

I’m keen to see what cool film gigs have yet to come my way. There are so many exciting adventures, cool places and interesting people out there. Let’s connect!


[S1-E1] Ex-military, a true adventurer and a firm believer in thinking outside the box, outstanding triathlete David isn’t interested in barriers. Most are there to be broken, obstacles to be overcome. David believes that happiness is all about feeling lucky to be alive. Modern medicine will keep us living for longer but it’s up to us to make that life worth living and he’s dedicated his life to helping others live a healthier, happier and longer life.


[S1-E2] What I love about Karina is her approach to life. Don’t be fooled by the rugged, tough edges. She’s pretty sweet. The kinda girl who wants to grab life by the horns and live to her fullest potential. The kinda girl who seeks adventure and constantly strives to push limits. Whether on a surfboard or a mountain bike, in a boxing ring or on a skateboard, Karina has a contagious energy and believes in neither taking nor giving any bullshit.


[S1-E3] Peace, joy and happiness. All to be found in the ocean. It’s like a meditation. The perfect escape from the fast-moving uban jungle we live in. Waiting for that swell then grabbing your board and getting out there or seeking sublime solitude with SUP or sails. Sjaak’s passion and enthusiasm are infectious. He’s sharp, strong, driven and totally committed to teaching others to find balance and capture the rhythm of life.


[S1-E4] An integrative health coach, Heidi has committed herself to bringing true health and happiness to her clients, supporting them with healthy living, goal setting and smart food choices that fuel the bodies we live in. With a love for running in the vast outdoors, she takes clients to the mountains or finds ways to bring the mountains into her teaching. This is where she finds magic, challenge and adventure.


[S1-E5] An ex-pro golfer, Claudine is grounded and open about her career to date and how it has made her the woman she is today. Life takes us on many different paths and Claudine is touchingly open in sharing her own rocky road to success. For her, golf is a wonderful antidote to life, embodying honesty, discipline, integrity and work ethic but whatever it is that floats your boat, she tells you to just discover what excites you and pursue it!


The fascinating town of Luxor in Egypt has 6,000 years of stories behind it. Its setting alone is magnificent with the iconic River Nile dividing the East and West Banks. This short film was made for Egypt Tourism and Canon Middle East to help them promote their stunning destination. It’s a captivating story of a local guide taking his friends on a sunrise to sunset journey through Luxor.

HAKAWI – 60sec commercial

A fast paced commercial of this awe-inspiring city. Majestic tombs and magnificent monuments give a fascinating glimpse into Egypt’s rich past. Iconic temples are a glorious display of architectural splendor. Local craftsmen remain dedicated to their time old traditions and beyond the River Nile and the buzzing street life, lie lush, green, farms and local villages reminiscent of a bygone era.


Dutch swimmer Anne Palmans is the epitomy of ambition, grit and determination. She’s on a mission to be selected for the Dutch Olympic swim team to compete in Tokyo 2020… and she’s not scared to give it all it takes to get there. She describes the water has her happy, calm place. When in the water, there’s complete peace, total silence. Here, she talks her sport and her training… and in doing so, she inspires.


Every summer, a group of friends travel to a remote island in Oman, camp out on a remote, unspoilt beach and spend they’re days doing what they love… windsurfing. Khareef shares their passion, experiences and adventures, their harnessing nature, finding freedom and embracing this magical sport of gliding over water through the wind. The film wraps with a true adrenaline rush with intimidating waves, sharp rocks and a small exit.